We set a new standard

There is a new way to listen to music

Z82C 45gr SxWT


Satellites are the most accurate and efficient loudspeakers we can imagine for the install & pro audio industry and the marvelous performances are quite useful also in studio monitor applications with our subwoofers.

Sub Fondosito


Subwoofers set a new standard in high definition low frequency reproduction.

The real sound of all the instruments down to the limits of musical instruments.


Syst Fondosito


Systems are designed for stand alone use in congress rooms or theatre-cinema, on a dedicated steel support base, in multiamplification
(sub + sat) with high impedance or in mono-amplifier configuration for a better economy of power.

We do things differently


Today assisted by a team of audio pro experts, Zingali accepts the challenge of bringing the Hi-End sound into the Pro one. Z series has born, Zingali Hi End Pro Kompressor, to promote the art of sound in wide spaces.

The choice of solid wood, due to its acoustic properties, is the signature of Zingali itself. In wood, sounds are propagated in the most neutral way and a sound without distortion is obtained up to the highest acoustic pressures.

The Z series was born with the idea of meeting the most demanding environments also on the topic of reliability. Every detail, even the least visible, has been designed with an indispensable redundancy to satisfy those who choose the true “made in Italy”.




Zingali’s revolutionary pattern control from a patented driver/horn assemblies overcome the shortcomings associated with traditional multi-way horn loaded speakers, or array speakers, to provide unique performance and system cost benefits.

Z Series Kompressor patent

Zingali “Z Series” Advancements (Kompressor patent) • Perfect high/low frequency (HF/LF) alignment through a transducers mounting structure patented by Zingali Acoustics • Smooth bandwidth performance with true constant coverage horns • The only comprehensive line of compact horn loaded array solutions incorporating multiple driver sizes and horn patterns angles

Z Series Benefits

Zingali “Z Series” Benefits • Co-located HF/LF drivers minimize crossover interactions within the coverage pattern • Smooth bandwidth performance extends outside the nominal coverage pattern • Single mouth horn products are more efficient and smaller than those with offset drivers and horns • Neodymium drivers reduce weight • Zingali’s carefully integrated symmetrical solution provides improved intelligibility, higher gain before feedback, and enhanced sonic accuracy