The Story About Us

Music offers emotions.

Reproducing these emotions is my passion.

Today this passion is my work.

An entire life for the Hi-End

Founded in 1986 by Giuseppe Zingali, Zingali Acoustics Company has dominated the Hi -End Home and Recording Studio sector for over 30 years. A great achievement was reached in 1995 with the Omniray patent, that since then has become the reference technology of Zingali Acoustics, inspiring the following generations of electroacoustic designers. Continuous research and development combined with the constant study of the perfection of Italian manufacturing, have allowed the creation of great products.


Zingali company has been established in 1986 by the young designer Giuseppe Zingali and his love for music and its reproduction. Today assisted by a team of audio pro experts, Zingali accepts the challenge of bringing the Hi-End sound into the Pro one. Z series has born, Zingali Hi End Pro Kompressor, to promote the art of sound in wide spaces. The electro-acoustic studies of the past 100 years have been combined with the original Zingali patent studies to create a union between the Hi-end Pro Zingali products and the Pro & Install sound audio market. Horn loads from low frequencies, that together with dipolar or multipolar speaker systems of multi-way speakers, have made possible a control of the consistent dispersion from the first octaves, important efficiency values, keeping dimensions and weights low. The choice of solid wood, due to its acoustic properties, is the signature of Zingali itself.In wood, sounds are propagated in the most neutral way and a sound without distortion is obtained up to the highest acoustic pressures. The Z series was born with the idea of ​​meeting the most demanding environments also on the topic of reliability. Every detail, even the least visible, has been designed with an indispensable redundancy to satisfy those who choose the true “made in Italy”. The nominal dispersion and continuous power of the two Z82C and Z56V satellites are very similar, as well as their frequency response and SPL. The different shape and the particular geometry of the components inside the horns create a natural way of use. All systems are equipped with OEM neodymium components made in Italy. Both satellites have a passive filter designed with components that meet military standard. All suspension systems are in aeronautical aluminum and stainless steel (Inox) with load specifications 10/1. The system has a strong ventilation system to withstand very hot climates and unusual continuous powers for loudspeakers of this size. The Z series raises the bar of Pro Audio and invites the most demanding users to try out our Hi-End Pro proposal.

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Continuant research and development, thus the growth for quality are concepts difficult to respect and maintain for mass-production which demands for productive dynamics at a faster rate. At Zingali Acoustics there is always time for quality. The elevated level of automation in the production process fundamentally guarantees the utmost precision in the carrying structure of the loudspeaker and the evolutions of Omniray Horn and the new patent Kompressor horn . The final handwork, control and assessment of the components from specialized personnel and the producer himself, render each unit a real form, giving a qualitative and elevated standard. Z series has born.


The mission of today and tomorrow for Zingali Acoustics is to lead a dedicated team that follows each and every client (Architects, System Integrator Etc...), so every model of loudspeakers will be designed with client satisfaction in mind in the respect of architectural perspective and acoustical targets. With a focus on Hi-End pro, studio monitor loudspeakers and custom design Zingali’s background and experience provide clients with exceptional quality and service. Zingali mission for the future looks at each project not only from the practical, business and craftsman perspective, but also from the artistic perspective. Each project is a unique work of art to Zingali. His artistic approach to loudspeakers, along with his commitment to excellence, experience, and professionalism, have afforded Zingali great respect in the hi-end loudspeaker industry and it will be the same target for the install and pro audio market.

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