Zingali Z42

2Way Dual Woofer Vented-Horn Column Array Sat Passive

The Zingali Z42 is a mid-power, 2-way vented-horn column array loudspeaker system that can be used in a variety of applications where studio monitor quality ,short to mid throw bandwidth directivity control , and very high efficiency and power handling are required in a very elegant and small package.

Z42 45gradisx

The Zingali Z42 utilizes neodimium premium italian OEM transducers.

These are a 1.4" voice coil driver on a wood horn for the high frequencies and two 4" with a 1" voice coil. Developed by italian manifacturer under Zingali's specifications, these transducers are optimized to maximize efficiency and minimize distortion. The passive crossover network employs 12 dB/octave slopes for a sweet response in the vocal range, linear off-axis response, and features a comprehensive protection circuit for long term reliability.This combination of technologies results in a smooth response to 26 kHz and excellent pattern control down to 500Hz.

The Z42 features make it ideal for any indoor fixed install applications. The elegant multi-shape enclosure is constructed out with phenolic bonding marine grade finnish birch plywood, and coated with anti scratch paint (RAL colors available) for maximum protection from the elements.

The Z family of models employ an intelligent combination of superior acoustic design and rigging which allow for vertical and horizontal clusters to be built using any combination of loudspeakers from the entire ZSeries.

In the Z42, 4 suspension points for use with cluster hardware provide low cost, simple rigging solutions. 

With an assortment of low frequency and subwoofer loudspeakers, Zseries provides you the tools to easily design a custom tailored solution, no matter what the application or budget. 



  • High ratio EBP/dimensions
  • Solid Wood horn for sonic accuracy
  • OEM transducers made in Italy
  • Military grade Xover components (85°C ambient temperature)
  • Simple installation hardware
  • Armonia presets
  • RAL color available


Dispersion 80° x 80° (-10°/+20°)

Transducers LF 4” x 2, 1” V.C. 8Ω NEO

HF 1”, 1,4” V.C. 16Ω NEO

Impedance 16 Ω

Rated Power 150 WATTS

Peak Power 600 WATTS

Sensitivity 1W/1m 96 dB Spl

SPL cont / peak 1m 118/124 dB Spl

Freq. range (-10dB) 150Hz-30KHz

Freq.resp (-3dB) 175Hz-26K5Hz

Dimensions W 211 x H 366 x D 258 mm

Weight [Kg] 6.2 [Kg]